Live-Tweeting JFK Assassination in Real Time: Insightful or Completely Crass?

There’s been a strange trend in the news in recent years; that whenever commemorating the anniversary of some terrible tragedy, news organizations decide to approach these events by either showing footage as it happened in real time or by live-tweeting it in real time, to show what it would have been like if said horrible tragedy took place in the age of social media. And while these news outlets have good intentions, the whole thing comes across as just a little off-putting.

The JFK assassination has been live tweeted today by a number of outlets, including NPR’s @todayin1963 Twitter handle, the History Channel (the only time, apparently, we’re ever going to get anything non-Pawn Stars related from that network), and CBS News. The intent, obviously, is to provide some idea of how people reacted to the JFK assassination in real time.

But there were a lot of tweets voicing a less-than-enthused opinion about this particular method of remembrance.

If it was just a cursory overview of the tragic events of that day, people might be a little less leery of it, but the tweeting’s been incredibly specific. And the whole thing just feels strange.

What do you think?

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