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Look Out, Kids: Ikea Is Using Facebook To Woo You

Screen shot 2009-11-26 at 11.52.28 AMThe good folks at Mashable today shared the story of perhaps the most insidious marketing campaign in the history of disposable-income-having twenty-somethings: Ikea used Facebook to sucker people into buying a new Figgjo.

Here’s how this evil tactic worked. A store manager uploaded a number of photos of showrooms to his Facebook account with a message: the first person to tag a piece of furniture with their own name got that piece of furniture. And the youngsters were off to the races.

Simple, inexpensive – and brilliant. The photos spread rapidly, as people hustled to tag every- and anything they could see. Meanwhile, the overlords in Sweden rubbed their palms together like Mr. Bürns, watching the names pour in to their Facebook page, seeing Ikea’s photos being passed around the web attached to various superlatives. It’s so damn smart, it’s scary.

The video below gives an overview of what happened. But what really happened is this: everything we love is being turned against us.

This has to be related to 2012.

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