Lou Dobbs Retweets Daily Beast Reporter Trolling Him In Donald Trump’s Voice


Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, whose program was canceled on Friday night by the network, has been busy retweeting messages that take swipes at Fox News tweeted out by his supporters, but on Saturday, he retweeted one that he probably should have read a little closer first.

Dobbs, seemingly unknowingly, retweeted a satirical tweet sent out by Daily Beast reporter Asawin Suebsaeng.

“Fox Business has abandoned great warrior @LouDobbs (like a dog). Cancel Culture has turned the once great net. into a wannabe MSDNC (terrible ratings, no clue!). Never would have happened on Roger’s, or ‘Trump’s’ for that matter, watch. That is why I now tune in to @OANN! #KAG,” Suebsaeng jokingly tweeted.

Dobbs retweeted the tweet on Saturday afternoon and journalists thought Suebsaeng’s move was rather “genius.”

Reached for comment as to if he believes Dobbs was in on the joke, Suebsaeng comedically responded to Mediaite by continuing to riff in President Donald Trump’s voice.

“Badly failing Mediaite wants to do a ‘hit piece’ on my very strong support for Lou Dobbs, the one and only. Why? Because I get ratings (clicks)! Lou, Mr. Trump, and the MAGA movement—75 million votes! Sleepy Joe couldn’t fill a dozen seats if he tried—are stronger than ever before, no matter what nasty Nellie Ohr or washed-up psycho Bette Midler would have you believe!” Suebsaeng remarked. “Sue for libel?”

“Write whatever you want about me. Who cares! And though I am unfamiliar with your work, Wacky Zacky, I’m very proud of my work in such publications as The Daily Beast, Mother Jones, Bangkok Post, and RandyPatriotDaily dot Net — to name just a few!” he added.

While Suebsaeng’s comment left this reporter chuckling, it’s worth noting that Suebsaeng is a formidable beltway journalist who churns out exclusive reports and scoops that create their own respective news cycles.

UPDATE 9:51 p.m.: Dobbs appears to have un-retweeted Suebsaeng.

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