Majority Of New Yorkers Don’t Want Alec Baldwin To Run For Mayor, According To Poll

30 Rock star Alec Baldwin may be a popular actor, but he’s not what New Yorkers are looking for in a mayor, according to a new NY1-Marist poll, which found that 66 percent of registered voters report not wanting the celebrity to become a politician.

A couple months before reports of the NBC program’s conclusion began to surface, Baldwin started talking about a possible mayoral run. An outspoken liberal, the star of many films including It’s Complicated said in January 2011 that he was “very, very interested” in seeking office, as he felt he had something different to bring to the table. The proud New Yorker told Eliot Spitzer at the beginning of last year:

“I don’t want to say this in an anti-elitist way, but we’ve had men who are Ivy League-groomed running this country since 1988…We’ve had 22 years of Yale and Harvard running this country right now, and the problems aren’t getting solved. Even though I’ve had a job which is a very, very interesting and unique job and there’s fame and there’s money and all this other nonsense that people equate it with, it’s a job, it’s work, and I think people in my business are very hard working people. But whatever I’ve accrued in my career, it hasn’t changed me as a person.”

Last spring, Baldwin reportedly considered the mayoral slot even further in wake of former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner’s lewd Twitter photo scandal. Whether or not Baldwin’s intuition was right that the Weinergate debacle in fact “[changed] the race,” New Yorkers don’t seem too enthused about the A-lister managing their city. In fact, more participants said they’d get behind another Weiner term, with 25 percent saying they’d back the embattled ex-politician.

Weiner’s favorability among NYC residents is weak with 58 percent of people against the idea of him returning to politics, but Baldwin has even fewer supportive New Yorkers to his name. Only18 percent of registered voters voiced support for the Huffington Post blogger and 16 percent reported uncertainty. The opponents could be reacting to the volatile, staunch Democrat’s highly publicized tiffs, the latest being his winter 2011 boot from an American Airlines flight for reportedly refusing to shut off his mobile device before take-off. The celeb reportedly had a rather intense reaction to the demands of a flight attendant’s requests, having retreated into the bathroom to shout and punch the wall in a rage. Baldwin offered up an explanation on Twitter:

If he does run for mayor in spite of the apparent lack of New York love, it’s safe to say he will have to make an honest effort to avoid confrontation.


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