Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin’s ABC Talk Show Debut Tanks, Draws Lowest Sunday Night Demo Ratings in All of Network TV

Fox & Friends Fears Alec Baldwin Wants Violent Revolution After He Calls to Vote Out GOP

Alec Baldwin: Ever Since Playing Trump on SNL ‘Black People Love Me’

Alec Baldwin Calls on Melania Trump to ‘Come Over to the Light’ and Do SNL With Him

Alec Baldwin Says He’d Beat Trump in 2020: ‘Funniest, Most Exciting’ Campaign

A Guide to Celebrity Offensive Remarks and The Punishments They Faced (Or Lack There Of)

LISTEN: Eric Schneiderman Talks to Alec Baldwin About #MeToo Movement Days Before Resignation

Seth Meyers: Either Trump is ‘Lying Then or He’s Lying Now or That’s Really Alec Baldwin On The Plane’

SNL Alum Rob Schneider Blasts Alec Baldwin: He Plays Trump With a ‘Fuming, Seething Anger’

Tom Brokaw: If Martians Wanted to Meet Trump, WH Would Say He’s Busy Tweeting Alec Baldwin

‘My Mentals Are So High’: Alec Baldwin Returns to SNL Mocking Trump After POTUS Twitter Spat

Chuck Todd: Trump Seems ‘Angrier’ at Alec Baldwin Than at Putin

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan: We Have Serious Problems to Face and Trump ‘Is Tweeting About Alec Baldwin’?!

CNN Guest Calls Out Fellow Panelist in Heated Clash: You’ll ‘Go to Any Length’ to Defend Trump

Alec Baldwin Fires Back at Trump Over SNL Taunt: ‘Please Tell Your Wife to Stop Calling Me’ For Tickets

Trump Slams Alec Baldwin: ‘Dying Mediocre Career’ Saved By ‘Terrible Impersonation of Me on SNL’

Alec Baldwin is Tired of Playing Donald Trump: ‘Every Time I Do It Now, It’s Like Agony’

Alec Baldwin Defends Woody Allen, Calls the Backlash Against Him ‘Unfair and Sad’

Alec Baldwin Dings Oliver, Colbert For Not Sticking to ‘Chit Chat’: Shows Look Like ‘Grand Juries’

He’s…Running? Alec Baldwin Delivers Political Speech Before Iowa Dems (VIDEO)

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