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Alec Baldwin Calls on Melania Trump to ‘Come Over to the Light’ and Do SNL With Him

Alec Baldwin Says He’d Beat Trump in 2020: ‘Funniest, Most Exciting’ Campaign

A Guide to Celebrity Offensive Remarks and The Punishments They Faced (Or Lack There Of)

LISTEN: Eric Schneiderman Talks to Alec Baldwin About #MeToo Movement Days Before Resignation

Seth Meyers: Either Trump is ‘Lying Then or He’s Lying Now or That’s Really Alec Baldwin On The Plane’

SNL Alum Rob Schneider Blasts Alec Baldwin: He Plays Trump With a ‘Fuming, Seething Anger’

Tom Brokaw: If Martians Wanted to Meet Trump, WH Would Say He’s Busy Tweeting Alec Baldwin

‘My Mentals Are So High’: Alec Baldwin Returns to SNL Mocking Trump After POTUS Twitter Spat

Chuck Todd: Trump Seems ‘Angrier’ at Alec Baldwin Than at Putin

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan: We Have Serious Problems to Face and Trump ‘Is Tweeting About Alec Baldwin’?!

CNN Guest Calls Out Fellow Panelist in Heated Clash: You’ll ‘Go to Any Length’ to Defend Trump

Alec Baldwin Fires Back at Trump Over SNL Taunt: ‘Please Tell Your Wife to Stop Calling Me’ For Tickets

Trump Slams Alec Baldwin: ‘Dying Mediocre Career’ Saved By ‘Terrible Impersonation of Me on SNL’

Alec Baldwin is Tired of Playing Donald Trump: ‘Every Time I Do It Now, It’s Like Agony’

Alec Baldwin Defends Woody Allen, Calls the Backlash Against Him ‘Unfair and Sad’

Alec Baldwin Dings Oliver, Colbert For Not Sticking to ‘Chit Chat’: Shows Look Like ‘Grand Juries’

He’s…Running? Alec Baldwin Delivers Political Speech Before Iowa Dems (VIDEO)

Alec Baldwin Acknowledges That He Has ‘Bullied’ Women and Treated Them in a ‘Very Sexist Way’

SNL Mocks Trump Challenging ‘Dumb, Dumb, Dumbarooney’ Tillerson to IQ Test

SNL Opens With Trump Chiding San Juan Mayor: ‘You Should’ve Paid Your Bills’

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