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Mark Levin Mocks Conservatives Blaming Trump’s Failings on the #NeverTrump Republicans

trump levinConservative radio host Mark Levin believes that Donald Trump is the one screwing things up for himself, so it’s amusing for his backers in the media to blame #NeverTrump Republicans for his current predicament.

Levin has said in the past he is #NeverTrump, and he said today he would reveal his voting plans soon enough.

But he has a problem with people who “go on and on behind the microphone and cherry-pick polls,” especially the ones blaming Trump’s woes on the Republicans opposed to him:

“‘If only the #NeverTrumpers, if only Jonah Goldberg and Bill Kristol and Glenn Beck and this one and that one, if only they’d get behind Trump, then we’d be winning! Then we’d win big time! Oh yes!’ No we wouldn’t. As popular as many of those men and women are, they’re not going to sway anybody one way or another. This is a presidential election. People make up their own minds.”

Levin even said, “We nominated the wrong person.”

Now, left unsaid in Levin’s commentary was any particular conservative with a microphone who might have gone after Jonah Goldberg and Glenn Beck specifically and blamed them for Trump’s woes. A conservative with a microphone who has jumped through hoops to claim Trump is winning.

Does such a conservative with a microphone exist?

Listen above, via The Mark Levin Show.

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