Mediaite Book Club: Erotic Readings By Neil Patrick Harris

NPH CraigHere’s another by-product of the Letterman ratings bump: More attention on Craig Ferguson equals more web-surfing his site for clips equals stumbling into this clip: Neil Patrick Harris Reads Craig’s Book. Insta-click, obvs.

I would post it anyway (Neil Patrick Harris! Obvs!) but today it’s significance is twofold: (1) It shows that the Letterman Bump isn’t just for TV, but spills over into online, too; and (2) I didn’t even know Craig Ferguson had a book! It’s called American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot — and now that I’ve so enjoyed Ferguson this week, I’m tempted to get it. Never mind the NPH endorsement. So the Letterman Bump applies to books, too. There’s also (3) Yet more proof that it’s not just enough to have a great book anymore, you also need to go the distance to promote it with clever ancillary content. We’ve discussed this before. Admittedly Craig Ferguson doesn’t exactly lack for exposure but still, we’ll do our part to support the book industry. Video clip below.

p.s. Everyone should hire Neil Patrick Harris to do this. Boom! The book industry is saved.

What To Expect When You’re Expected (To Sell Your Book) [Mediaite]

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