Mediaite’s Colby Hall Compares Scaramucci Hire to When A Sitcom ‘Adds a Kid’ for Ratings


Given the vast amount of news coverage that newly appointed White House Press Secretary Anthony Scaramucci has received in the past seven days, it’s hard to believe that it’s only been one week since he joined the Trump administration. Since his hire, he’s commanded a ton of attention, serving as something of a distraction to the media who have spent less time covering some of President Donald Trump‘s less favorable plot lines like the Russia investigation, his embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his ban on transgender people serving in the military.

Mediaite Managing Editor Colby Hall made an interesting observation during today’s episode of Mediaite Live, when he compared the “Mooch” to the “Cousin Oliver” who was added as a new character in the final season of 70’s sitcom The Brady Bunch noting the similarity to the larger “add-a-kid” trope employed by struggling television shows. Hall, a former television producer, lists VH1’s Super Secret TV Formulas as a show he produced, which focused on time honored television devices, tropes and formula.

“Scaramucci actually reminds me of that trope in sitcoms,” Hall said. “When the sitcom is in its sixth season, it’s kind of lost its mojo. They ‘add-a-kid.’ Cousin Oliver on Brady Bunch. It’s like Scaramucci is the new character. ‘He’ll bring new life into the Trump show from the White House!'”

Watch the clip above pulled from today’s episode of Mediaite Live, which you can catch every day around 1:30 to 2pm on Mediaite’s Facebook page.

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