Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher Talks To Bill Press About Harry Reid, Romney’s Tax Returns

Mediaite’s own Tommy Christopher sat down with Bill Press on Tuesday morning, mainly to discuss the recent frenzy surrounding Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid‘s recent claim that Mitt Romney paid nothing in taxes for a decade.

The White House is playing it smart, Christopher noted, by neither denouncing Reid nor embracing him, instead staying focused on Romney. Press zoned in on Fox News’ Ed Henry characterizing Reids attacks as “vicious” while failing to mention that Reince Priebus called Reid a “dirty liar.” But, Christopher added, Reid also said Mitt Romney’s late father would be embarrassed by him, “which was pretty vicious.”

What Reid did wrong won’t matter, Christopher said, because at the center of the issue remains the fact that Romney won’t release his returns. Press deemed Reid’s handling of the issue “brilliant,” keeping the discussion focused on the issue of the tax returns.

The pair then went on to talk about the aftermath of the Aurora, Colo. shooting — and the White House essentially saying they aren’t going to do anything about the gun issue right now. They’re afraid to, Christopher said, lamenting the hopelessness of the situation. Press added that he’s tired of hearing politicians offer condolences. Do something about it, he said.

The full segment below, via Current TV:

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