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Megan Fox Endorses The Kindle, Sally’s Spa

Jimmy Fallon Megan FoxThursday night in an awkward yet strangely charming interview with Jimmy Fallon, perennial headline-maker and tonight’s SNL headliner Megan Fox spoke of being afraid of the dark, shoplifting Mary Kate & Ashley cosmetics from Wal-Mart in her youth, and how much she loves her Kindle and iPhone game Sally’s Spa.

Fox apparently has a thing about touching paper — it gives her the willies — so she downloads scripts n’ stuff to her Kindle, which helps with that. (Oddly it didn’t come up later in the interview when she talked about her punishment for the Wal-Mart shoplift: Wrapping presents.) Fox also talked about her addiction to Sally’s Spa, a game where you virtually run a spa for someone named Sally, and about which Fox apparently has a whole lot of angst. Sally’s Spa shouldn’t, though; a Megan Fox mention on Jimmy Fallon zoomed it into the Top 100 on the iTunes store.

She also talked about her SNL debut tonight, and the angst of doing the table read (going through the draft sketches on Wednesday to weed them out) lest you flub a joke and kill a writer’s sketch, and Jimmy and she bonded over a mutual fear of ghosts. Fallon professed faux-nervousness at the beginning of the show but did actually seem a little nervous, which ended up being charming as he segued into relief when the interview became just a nice, normal conversation. It certainly didn’t seem like Fox was being stiff or nervous and it actually seemed quite natural, which made it genuinely enjoyable to watch, and not for any of the reasons one might think they’d enjoy a Megan Fox interview. (By the way, Rolling Stone, take note — Jimmy Fallon just asked her about normal, conversational stuff and the result was an interview that was charming, natural and totally un-creepy. Your interview, if I may say so, was sorta creepy.)

Anyway, gadget types, you can now claim Megan Fox as one of you. You’re welcome.

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