Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro Go Off on YouTube Star Logan Paul: ‘Insensitive Idiot’


Logan Paul, YouTube superstar Logan Paul has managed to place himself in boiling hot water after posting a video in which he and a friend come across a dead body hanging from a tree in Japan’s infamous “suicide forest.”

The video, which appears to show Paul and his friend snickering at the dead body, was liked nearly 600,000 times before it was taken down, amidst public outcry.

Now, the gang over at The View have weighed in on the controversial video and, boy oh boy, they did not hold back, heaping scorn on the YouTube personality, especially in light of his initial apology, which claimed the video was an attempt to prevent suicides from occurring.

Meghan McCain started the free-for-all by calling him an “insensitive idiot.”

“I think he’s a complete and utter insensitive idiot,” she said. “If you watch the video, he starts laughing and his friend starts laughing.”

“YouTube has got to do a better job of censoring this type of thing,” she added.

Guest Ana Navarro also piled on Paul, using his initial non-apology as a jumping off point.

“People just have to have some damned common sense,” she said. “This guy is just doing damage control now, pretending that he was doing suicide prevention. He went there looking for a dead body.”

“He went to a place called ‘suicide forest’ looking to film something,” Navarro further noted.

McCain continued, “What if the suicide victim’s family didn’t know he committed suicide and the first time they saw it was on YouTube?”

Paul has apologized again, reading a statement on Twitter and saying he “should have never posted the video.”

“I’m ashamed of myself,” he said.

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