Meghan McCain Claps Back at Someone Who Asked If She Saw the Movie About the 2008 Election


Meghan McCain has long been a holdout when it comes to Donald Trump. It probably has something to do with him insulting her father’s military service or just insulting military families in general. That Sarah Palin — the woman who some credit with John McCain losing the presidency to Barack Obama in 2008 — endorsed Trump only annoyed McCain even more and separated her further from the mogul.

Speaking of Palin screwing up the McCains’ chances to be the First Family, did you ever see Game Change? It’s a movie about the election that takes a deep look at how the campaign plucked Palin from Alaska and what effect she ended up having as a result. Plenty of people saw it; the HBO flick had a bevy of big-name stars and was no small endeavor.

Today, some guy on Twitter wondered if McCain had ever seen the movie, too. You know, the movie about her dad losing a presidential election? Had she seen it? The movie about her family?

She doesn’t reply to Twitter trolls too often, but that one did get a response. She hit back with this:

The original tweet from @anbtruth was a response to a tweet that is 97 days old, making her decision to reply to it all the more noteworthy.

In related news, there are 92 days left until the election. McCain is one of the most prominent holdouts still not endorsing Trump. She’s made it this far without bending to the will of her contemporaries. If she can keep it together in the face of Twitter trolling, she just might make it all the way to the end with her unique principles intact.

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