Game Change

Old Pals Mark Halperin and John Heilemann Reportedly Battling Over Their Political Franchise

HBO Drops Project With Mark Halperin Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

Meghan McCain Claps Back at Someone Who Asked If She Saw the Movie About the 2008 Election

Panel Nerds: Washington, D.C., on TV

Limbaugh Slams Golden Globes For Giving Game Change Cast Platform To ‘Bash Sarah Palin’

Conservatives Whine About Liberal Hollywood And ‘Palin Bashing’ At Golden Globes, Ignore CIA’s Big Night

HBO Developing Game Change Sequel About 2012 Election

Fox News Watch Panelists Defend Game Change: ‘Palin Was A Sympathetic Figure’

Rush Limbaugh: Desperate Obama Has Gone ‘Back To The Graveyard To Dig Sarah Palin Back Up’

Former McCain Strategist Nicolle Wallace To Maddow: ‘Both Parties Will Forever Avoid A Palin Choice’

Former McCain Strategist Steve Schmidt On Game Change: Notion Of Palin Being President Frightens Me

Howard Kurtz Confronts Writer & Director Of Game Change About Film’s Accuracy

McCain 2008 Advisor Nicolle Wallace Says Game Change Was ‘True Enough To Make Me Squirm’

McCain Reacts To HBO’s Game Change: I Don’t Use That Much Profanity In Real Life

John McCain Trashes HBO’s Game Change, Director Defends

Sarah Palin: ‘I’m Not Going To Be Asked’ To Step Up In A Brokered Convention

Lyin’, Tigers, And A Bear, Oh My: Sarah Palin Hits Back At Game Change With New Ad

Palin Reacts To HBO Movie About 2008 Campaign: ‘Based On A False Narrative’

Meghan McCain On Game Change: ‘Republican Voters Don’t Watch HBO. Are You Kidding?’

The Trailer For HBO’s Game Change Depicts Sarah Palin ‘On The Verge Of A Complete Mental Breakdown’

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