Missouri Legislators Deem Woman Accusing Gov. Eric Greitens of Sexual Assault as ‘Credible’ in Scathing Bipartisan Report

Missouri legislators on both sides of the political aisle released a graphic and lengthy report Wednesday declaring that they find the testimony of a woman who is accusing Gov. Eric Greitens (R-MO) of sexual assault to be credible.

In the report, the woman, who worked a hairdresser, explained that she began seeing Greitens in 2015. Initially, she accepted his advances until things became uncomfortable.

During their first private encounter, Greitens, according to the accuser, taped her hands to pull-up rings, spit water in her mouth, ripped open her shirt, pulled down her pants, and took a photo – all without her consent.

“I’m going to take these pictures, and I’m going to put them everywhere I can…and then everyone will know what a little whore you are,” Greitens allegedly told the woman.

The accuser then testified she was upset by this, started crying, and tried to leave. In response, Greitens allegedly held her “in a bear hug,” laid her down on the floor, and took out his penis, all while she was still crying. She said she felt “coerced” to perform oral sex on him so that she could leave, and feared physical bodily harm.

Indeed, in a separate encounter, Greitens allegedly asked if she’d slept with anyone since their first meeting, and when the woman said she’d slept with her then-husband, she claims Greitens hit her and told her: “You’re mine.”

When asked why she continued to see Greitens after the way he treated her during their first meeting, she replied: “I’ve asked myself that so many times.”

Greitens admitted to having an affair, but he categorically denied any wrongdoing of a sexual nature, calling the allegations “lies and falsehoods” and the investigation a “witch hunt.”

Watch Greitens’ remarks below, via NBC News.

[photo via Getty Images]


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