UPDATED: Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Reportedly Had Contact With Wikileaks


A private investigator revealed late Monday that he believes murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich contacted Wikileaks before his death in 2016.

Fox and Friends spotlighted the new allegations as “bombshell new evidence” on Tuesday. Rob Wheeler, a former D.C. police homicide detective who was hired by Rich’s family, cited evidence on a laptop used by the DNC employee.

Wheeler also indicated that he sensed a cover-up in the investigation, and cited anonymous police sources, who claimed there was a “stand down” on the case.

Fox News also posted an online article about the new details in the Rich case on Tuesday. The news outlet spotlighted how a “federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report detailing the contents of DNC staffer Seth Rich’s computer…said Rich made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time.”

The same investigator claimed to have read e-mails between Rich and his contact at Wikileaks. Fox News underlined that this “revelation is consistent with the findings of Rod Wheeler, a former DC homicide detective and Fox News contributor and whose private investigation firm was hired by Rich’s family to probe the case.”

You can watch the Fox and Friends segment on the new details in the Rich case above.

UPDATE: A family spokesperson pushed back hard on Fox News’ reporting, and claimed that there is no evidence suggesting WikiLeaks links.

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