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Must-See Late Night Clip: Colbert Takes on McDonald’s ‘Chaos in the Kitchen’

Johnny Carson’s legendary Tonight Show run included a famed character named Carnac the Magnificent who was a soothsaying prophet capable of predicting the future. Last night on The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert tapped into his inner-Carnac, and demonstrated his predictive abilities as it pertains to the issues surrounding McDonald’s decision to serve breakfast all-day.

On his October 6th episode, Colbert offered the comedic takedown of the planned menu changes, saying “But now with an Egg McMuffin available anytime? That’s chaos.”

And his prediction of the McChanges proved to be correct, as Monday night’s episode featured aggregated news clips revealing the new issues surrounding the all-day roll out of the day’s most important meal:

“The breakfast menu has caused confusion in their kitchens, has caused orders to be filled slower, angering of course customers who don’t want to wait… at some franchises that new menu is reportedly causing chaos in the kitchen.”

Colbert included, “I have been doing this show for two months — and I have been right about every single breakfast-related issue I have weighed in on.”

Check out the above video from CBS.

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