National Enquirer Reportedly Paid $150k to Playboy Model Who Had Affair With Trump, Then Didn’t Publish It


The Wall Street Journal has a real blockbuster scoop alleging that Trump’s favorite tabloid, the National Enquirer, paid $150,000 to a former Playboy model for her story about an affair with Donald Trump, but then decided not to publish it. The newspaper reports that the Enquirer reached an agreement in August with Karen McDougal  who claims she had a consensual romantic relationship” with Trump back in 2006, when he was newly married to his current wife Melania.  Trump’s campaign, however,  immediately fired back saying that the woman’s claims of an affair are “totally untrue.”

The contract with McDougal reportedly prohibited her from speaking to any other news outlet about the affair. And, she apparently thought the tabloid was going to go through with the story. However, to date, nothing has been published  You might recall that Donald Trump and National Enquirer editor David Pecker have a pretty cozy relationship. Early in the primary season, the tabloid published a pretty damaging story about Cruz’s alleged affairs, and some conspiracy theories about his father. The newspaper has also endorsed Donald Trump.

In a statement to WSJ,  American Media Inc, the company which owns the Enquirer, claimed they weren’t buying McDougal’s story about a Trump affair but rather her fitness columns and magazine covers, and “exclusive right to any relationship she had had with a then-married man.” AMI insisted to the WSJ that they have not paid anyone to kill a damaging story on Donald Trump.

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