NC Man Tries to Pass Off Crushed Pop-Tart as Crack Cocaine

Our theory is that today’s dumb criminal heard too many teenage girls say “OMG, Pop Tarts are like crack,” because that’s the only way to describe his arrest: North Carolina police arrested a man yesterday for trying to pass off a crushed-up Pop Tart as crack cocaine.

WCTI reports that Cameron Mitchell sold the “crack” to an undercover agent for $20, which, if you look at the market value of a single Pop-Tart, is a 562% markup. (Ripoff alert.)

According to the agents who arrested him, Mitchell said that he needed the money, so he went into his truck and found the corner of a Pop-Tart, then sold it to the agent as crack cocaine. (Needless to say, the substance tested negative for crack.)

Mitchell is charged with selling or delivering a counterfeit controlled substance and creating a counterfeit controlled substance.

[Image via Halifax County Sheriff’s Office]

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