News Story About Honors Teen Who May Not Graduate Because of Off-the-Shoulder Top Goes Viral


Charlotte’s WCNC-TV has found itself at the center of a social media firestorm after interviewing a high school senior named Summer who likely won’t walk the stage at the Hickory Ridge High School graduation.

It all started when Summer, an honors student with multiple scholarships to schools in the fall, wore an off-the-shoulder shirt, which violates the dress code. In her interview, she stated she had it pulled up. She also stated that she and her principal, Michelle Cline, had a history, which made the moment when Cline approached the student about the outfit all the more precarious.

If the suspension holds and Summer does not walk at graduation, the girl with a 4.4 GPA runs the risk of not getting to utilize her scholarships. That’s why tweets with the information for the school have been going viral, too.

Still, as the Independent Tribune points out, we only know one side of the story. Mediaite has reached out to the principal in question to find out the school’s reaction to the viral news clip and the story that is going wild on Twitter.

Dress codes have long been a contentious topic as they are seen by many as archaic and oppressive to female students (or employees) in particular.

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