No, Donald Trump Did Not Say ‘Bigly’ During His Victory Speech


While cable news was busy trying to help Donald Trump reset the narrative of overt racism that took over his campaign the past week by underanalyzing his victory speech Tuesday night, the internet was abuzz over Trump’s alleged coinage of the word “bigly,” which became a trending topic as the night wore on. The term in question is one which Trump actually uses quite frequently, including in his now-infamous Mexican Rapists announcement speech a year ago. Here’s Trump last night, along with a few other examples for comparison:

As is crystal clear to anyone listening with a fair ear, Trump is saying “big league,” not “bigly,” although he does tend not to punch that last consonant. But I get it, “bigly” is funnier, and I wouldn’t begrudge anyone having a little fun. What’s weird, though, is when a “serious” website like Vox reports that he said “bigly” inches above the transcript they’re posting, which reads “big league.” How is that even fair?

The internet can be forgiven, but cable news analysts, aside from missing the 400-pound racist elephant in the room, continued to assert that Trump had delivered an “on message” speech, despite the fact that he blew it on his signature issue. In addition to the beautiful Mexican wall he promises to build, the other way Trump plans to combat the rapist foreigners is through beautiful trade deals, yet Trump couldn’t get the name of the worst trade bogeyman right, even when one of his supporters shouted out “No TPP!”

On trade, America first means the American worker will have his or her job protected from unfair foreign competition. What’s happening there is absolutely a disgrace.

“No TPP!”

No PPP, you’re right about that. So, and you mean “No pee-pee!”

I don’t get the little joke Trump threw in at the end there, but here’s hoping it’s a promise not to talk about his penis anymore.

In any other part of the speech, you might could forgive a slip-up like that, but this is the guy’s signature issue, the basis of his appeal to Bernie Sanders voters, and the guy in the audience yelled it at him! If Hillary Clinton said she had a rock-solid plan to “defeat IRIS,” do you think anyone would declare that speech a success?

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