No, Hofstra University Did Not Put Out a Trigger Warning For the Debate


If you believe college students are too sheltered from the real world, then the tweets trickling in Monday afternoon reporting that Hofstra University had issued a trigger warning to advise students about the on-campus presidential debate was just too perfect.

Cameron Gray at NRA News snarked: “If a Presidential debate is too much, college might not be the place for you Or Earth, for that matter.”

“Boy, tonight’s big presidential debate is shaping up to be a hell of a show. Hope Hofstra University students can handle it,” Sarah D. wrote at the conservative Twitter aggregator Twitchy.

Twitchy aggregated a host of tweets condemning the “weak minded” students, chiding them to “grow up,” and it was subsequently reposted on Fox Nation with the additional headline: “Disgrace on Campus.”

The only problem is the trigger warning was not for the debate, but for MTV’s Elect This campaign, which deals in “sexual assault, race issues, and bias,” according to Buzzfeed’s Kyle Blaine

Even after learning the true purpose of the trigger warning, Twitchy’s Sarah D. wrote that it was “still completely pathetic.”

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