presidential debate

Clinton Jokes Trump’s Claim of Winning Debate Is Better ‘Comedy’ Than His Al Smith Dinner Speech

POLL: Who Won the Third and Final Presidential Debate? Find Out… [UPDATED]

Debate Moderator Chris Wallace: Not My Job to Be ‘Truth Squad’ If Candidates Lie

Hillary Clinton Recalls Feeling Trump ‘Literally Stalk Me Around the Stage’

Second Presidential Debate Draws Fewer Viewers Than First; CNN Wins Cable News

Twitter Fell in Love With Kenneth Bone, the Man Who Asked a Debate Question on Energy

‘Why Don’t You Interrupt Her?’: Trump Goes After Raddatz for Supposed Pro-Clinton Bias

Trump Says He Doesn’t Know Putin, But He Used to Say He Knew Him ‘Very Well’

POLL: Mediaite Readers Voted and the Winner of Last Night’s Debate Was…

Trump Accuses Debate Moderators of Teaming Up Against Him: It’s ‘One-on-Three’

Fox’s Krauthammer Says Trump Is Incapable of Contrition: ‘He’s Not Gonna Start Now’

Trump Prepares for Next Debate by Holding Friendly Town Hall with Fans Asking Softballs

Rumor Has It That ABC and CNN Are Feuding Hard Ahead of Next Week’s Debate

Alex Jones Says Next Debate Is ‘Rigged,’ Since Moderator Anderson Cooper Is ‘Admittedly CIA’

After Trump Denies His Climate Denial, His Surrogates Try to Explain It Away

For First Debate, NBC Nets Largest Audience; Fox Wins Cable News

Paul Ryan Says Donald Trump Met Expectations at First Debate

Clinton Knocks Trump for ‘Demonstrably Untrue’ Remarks, Mocks Supposed Microphone Problems

‘Call Sean!’: Trump Repeatedly Name-Drops Hannity to Defend Himself on Iraq

Trump Goes Off During Debate to Boast About New Hotel

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