Not Everyone on the Left Would Be Sad to See Alan Dershowitz Leave the Democrats


shutterstock_299257721-650x433Yesterday, we reported that lawyer and outspoken critic of political correctness Alan Dershowitz basically gave the Democratic National Committee an ultimatum: they can keep him if Keith Ellison doesn’t get to be DNC chair.

As it turns out, not everyone on the left really wants to keep him.

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, tweeted this:

He got plenty of responses, too:

Uygur got dozens of responses from people who all shared the sentiment that Dershowitz, who is very strongly pro-Israel and who believes in using torture on terrorism suspects, should have left a long time ago. It wasn’t just TYT fans getting in on the action, though:

As a lawyer and professor, he would really only — as pointed out in the above tweet — be stopping the payment of any dues to the party, so “leaving” seems more symbolic than anything.

Still, to the people who expressed gratitude that he might leave, it’s the good kind of symbolism.

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