NY Gov. Cuomo Reacts to Trump Tweets: ‘This is Not the Time to Foment Hate’


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appeared on MSNBC Wednesday, the morning after a terror attack killed eight and injured scores more in lower Manhattan, and was asked about President Donald Trump’s tweets.

Trump took to Twitter to slam Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for an immigration law that a guest on Fox & Friends blamed Wednesday morning for allowing the attacker’s entry into the United States.

“Are the president’s tweets helpful, hurtful or not impactful, given the situation?” Mika Brzezinski asked Cuomo on Morning Joe.

“Are they factual, is normally the first question on the president’s tweets,” Cuomo said. “But I don’t think this is the time to get political. We had a policy, an immigration policy in place in the ’90s. It was a bipartisan policy, it was signed by a Republican president.”

“There’s no doubt that we have to be smarter and have more intelligence, but there’s also no doubt that this is not the time to play politics. This is not the time to foment hate. This is not the time to divide. Because they all exacerbate the situation, right?”

The governor went on to note that “this is the time to forge alliances with our allies,” revealing he spoke with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday morning.

He concluded:

“This is about offering people hope and not spreading fear. And that’s what I’m trying to do. And different officials will handle it differently. But I believe it’s about hope. I believe it’s about love. I believe it’s about understanding. And I believe it’s about strength and not letting them win”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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