O’Reilly Agrees With Obama: ‘Over-Reliance On The ‘Net…Will Not Help You Succeed’

Bill O’Reilly took on on the perils of the Internet and found common ground with recent comments made by President Obama. Paraphrasing Obama as saying “too much Internet is bad for your mental health,” O’Reilly quickly agreed, then launched into rather lengthy screed explaining the current state of Internet videos, presumably to an audience that has little to no understanding of the digital age.

“Charlie Bit My Finger” and Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance music video were exemplified as the yin and yang of this crazy new world we now find ourselves, which was then followed by the conversation with Fox News analyst Juan Williams (a self described “old school” non-Twitterer) and Kate Obenshain of Young America’s Foundation, who praises the fact that, without the Internet, we’d never have learned about grade schools indoctrinating their kids with “Barack Hussein Obama” chants. In other words – the blind leading the blind. Fascinating social anthropology, nonetheless.

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