comScore Outnumbered Blasts Cory Booker’s ‘Stupid Grandstanding’ Against ‘Evil’ Kavanaugh Supporters

Outnumbered Blasts Cory Booker’s ‘Stupid Grandstanding’ Against ‘Evil’ Kavanaugh Supporters

The cast of Outnumbered went after Cory Booker (D-NJ) on Wednesday after the senator railed against President Trump‘s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Yesterday, Booker drew a lot of attention when he said Kavanaugh’s nomination was an affront to the Constitution and anyone who doesn’t oppose his confirmation is “complicit in evil.” Former congressman Jason Chaffetz was today’s #OneLuckyGuy, and he started off by saying Senate Democrats “lose all moral high ground” if they won’t meet with the aspiring justice.

Melissa Francis agreed.

“I mean, the rhetoric. People out there have to get so sick of it,” she said. “It’s about, ‘you are evil if you are not agreeing with us.’ Just give me a break.”

Katie Pavlich joined in by trashing Democrats for their “ridiculous” definition of evil, and Harris Faulkner asked whether Democrats are doing themselves a “disservice” by rejecting Kavanaugh so flatly.

“They do themselves a disservice by not being rational, normal, smart adults and asking questions instead of hyperbolic grandstanding. What does that do for the people in their home state?” answered Kennedy. “If there are actual questions they have about the way this person interprets the Constitution, this is the time to do it…That’s what these meetings are for. It’s much better for these senators to meet one-on-one and raise these questions before the stupid grandstanding that’s going to happen.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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