People Infuriated at Writer Who Apparently Tried to ‘Out’ Creator of ‘Sh*tty Media Men’ List


There’s been a rumor percolating on the Internet for the past few days, alleging that the venerable Harper’s was prepping a piece, penned by Katie Roiphe, that would “out” the author of the infamous “shitty men in media” list.

For the uninitiated, this list was an online spreadsheet created to chronicle instances of sexual harassment or abuse by media males. It caused quite a stir in the back half of 2017 after Buzzfeed reported its existence.

Harper’s has denied that they were readying to out the list’s author, with Roiphe saying “I would never put in the creator of the list if they didn’t want to be named.”

Well the list’s author, Moira Donegan, perhaps in anticipation of the Harper’s piece, just outed herself. She penned an essay in The Cut titled “I Started the Media Men List: My Name Is Moira Donegan,” in which she also noted that she was contacted by a Harper’s fact checker, which seems to contradict Roiphe’s statement.

“None of this was what I thought was going to happen,” she wrote about the firestorm. “I only wanted to create a place for women to share their stories of harassment and assault without being needlessly discredited or judged.”

There was a fair amount of public outcry over the list, due to the fact that the allegations were made anonymously and, thus, could have easily been fabricated.

The list’s proponents have stated that while it could draw false accusations, it is still necessary to democratize the “whisper network” of harassment that protects women from predatory behavior in media, as media institutions have largely failed women.

And they were none too happy that Roiphe was prepping a piece to out list author Donegan. Just check out these tweets, many of them pointing out Roiphe’s career-spanning tendency to tear down feminist ideas and movements.

And finally…

Roiphe has created a Twitter account in order to confront these allegations, saying “It seemed to me, for various reasons, that Moira might want to claim responsibility for the list, and I was testing that premise.”

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