Pro-Brexit Ex-London Mayor Boris Johnson Has a Video on Pornhub…

No matter what people think, former London mayor Boris Johnson is pretty happy about #Brexit. He gave a pepped-up little speech after the citizens of Britain voted to leave the European Union and that speech got him compared to Donald Trump.

It also got him on Pornhub!

The title of his video is *ahem* “DUMB BRITISH BLONDE F*CKS 15 MILLION PEOPLE AT ONCE.”

First of all, as far as satire goes, that is excellent and the person who uploaded Johnson’s speech to the X-rated platform should be congratulating themselves heartily for committing to the theme.

Pornhub has spoken out against people doing this sort of thing in the past, unfortunately, but this time, they seem to be celebrating the new addition to their collection of free, streaming videos:

Let us know if the video is still up on the site later, would you?

[image via screengrab]

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