Prosecutor in Eric Garner Case: ‘We Don’t Steer Grand Juries in Any Direction’

Daniel Donovan is the Staten Island district attorney running for the congressional seat vacated by Michael Grimm. It also just so happens that he was the prosecutor in the Eric Garner case, where the grand jurors decided against indicting Officer Daniel Pantaleo for choking Garner, who died moments later.

Donovan was on Geraldo Rivera‘s radio show yesterday, and Rivera, while supportive of Donovan running, did say that the Garner case will be “part of your resumé forever.” Rivera asked him to respond to criticisms he didn’t sufficiently steer the grand jury towards an indictment.

Donovan said people simply don’t understand the grand jury process. He told Rivera, “We don’t steer grand juries in any direction, we present evidence in a neutral manner… We don’t advocate in a grand jury.”

He asked for people outraged by the decision to just respect the system more.

Listen to the audio below, via The Geraldo Rivera Show:

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