Reaction to Daily Mail Posting Paparazzi Shot of Ariana Grande Post-Attack Is What You’d Expect


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Paparazzi pictures are complicated for fans. To enjoy one, you have to like a celebrity, but not really love them. If you’re a casual celebrity observer, photos of Kim Kardashian taking North West to ballet are fun. If you’re an actual fan of the family, you might want to see the photos, but feel conflicted knowing a mother and small child had to fight a hoard of photographers to get to their engagement.

Today, the Daily Mail ran a photo of Ariana Grande back in America after the terrorist attack that took place during one of her concerts in the U.K. last night. The people who replied to the tweet fall beyond that second camp of guilty-pleasure-seeking fans who love to hate and hate to love the paps. The people who responded to this tweet were diehard Grande defenders who were not happy to see a photo of their idol so soon after she tweeted about being “broken” by the events of the last day.

Here are some of the top replies a a tweet we are deliberately not showing you:

The kids are alright, everyone.

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