RedState Deletes Post Trashing Former Writers Who Resigned Over Pro-Trump Bias


Conservative political blog RedState has scrubbed a post that slammed two of their former writers who left the site this week out of protest for its editorial direction.

Former RedState senior contributor Kimberly Ross and editor Andrea Ruth announced they were leaving the site due to disagreement with its increasing bias in favor of Donald Trump. In their scathing op-ed for The Bulwark, Ross and Ruth recalled how RedState used to have a balance of pro and anti-Trump pieces, but this changed when Salem Media Group, the owner of RedState’s parent company, Townhall Media, started firing Trump critics and suppressing pieces that weren’t flattering to the president.

“Unfortunately for RedState, the focus on clicks above all else, the fight over loyalty rather than ideology, and the refusal to accept any legitimate criticism of Trump is a stain on a once proud conservative publication,” said Ross and Ruth. “The allure of Trumpism has left the once great site a shell of its former self.”

In response, RedState writer Elizabeth Vaughn wrote a piece that published Thursday night, which profusely lionized Trump while slamming into Ross and Ruth. The post was deleted by Friday morning, and Joe Cunningham soon published another post saying Vaughn’s piece was “not representative of the site overall.”

“It was a personal response from her,” he wrote, adding that he acknowledges the frustrations of those who left the site, that he wishes them well, and that he will continue to monitor the site as it produces more content from conservative perspectives.

From Cunningham’s post:

RedState as a site exists to do one thing and one thing only: Push ahead with a conservative voice.

Those who have read the aforementioned pieces have already formed their opinion on what that means for RedState. I wouldn’t be able to convince you if I tried. I can personally say that I have never sworn loyalty to any politician, and that will always be my position. Some here support Trump, some don’t like him at all, and some (like me) simply wish to hold him accountable like we would do any other politician.

Mediaite’s Caleb Howe, who was let go from RedState during their purge of Trump skeptics, took screenshots of several questionable elements of the article before it was eventually deleted.

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