Remember When Conservatives Were Mad About Obama Bowing to Saudi King? Well…


Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane. We’ll keep going until we hit 2009, okay?

Way back then, then-President Barack Obama visited with the king of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah. He bowed, and, well, let this Fox News headline show you what happened…

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 1.15.41 PM

The White House swore Obama didn’t bow but the right remained furious. They kept it up during a bunch of subsequent meetings with foreign leaders, too.

Oh, and Donald Trump even lambasted him!

Fast forward to the present. Trump is now in Saudi Arabia, where his wife and daughter have already caused him some trouble by eschewing headscarves after he criticized Michelle Obama for doing the same thing two years ago.

Oh, what’s this now?

While receiving the country’s highest civilian honor, Trump seemed to bow to King Salman. For your records, here is the Fox News headline:

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 1.45.30 PM

There is bow-related outrage, but it seems to be more about the lack of outrage from those who criticized Obama for it in 2009.

You guys, even Roger Stone is annoyed by this.

Finally, we leave you with the words Trump reportedly spoke as he started the trip…

[image: screengrab]

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