Reporter Apologizes for Crossing ‘Boundaries of Decency’ in MH17 Report

Sky News had to apologize for a report this past weekend in which reporter Colin Brazier went through the luggage of an MH17 victim. Many considered the report horrible and tasteless, and today Brazier wrote a lengthy piece in The Guardian profusely apologizing for the report.

Brazier copped right away to his mistake in covering the victims of that horrible disaster, saying, “Good journalism takes many things and the empathy I hope they have wrought in me is one of them. But so is understanding the boundaries of decency and taste. And from time to time, we screw up.”

He does, though, attempt a slight defense of himself against his social media “excoriation.” Brazier said he was there with the luggage to provide a contextual backdrop for his report on the victims, and that he was drawn to a flask that looked like one his daughter had.

Brazier continued on to say that he “lost it,” and did note the on-air apology he gave was overlooked by critics.

Too late, I realised that I was crossing a line. I thought aloud: “we shouldn’t be doing this … this is a mistake”, an instant apology that was only selectively quoted by those determined to see what I did as a powerful example of journalistic vulturism.

You can read his full apology here.

And you can watch a video about his report here, via HuffPost Live:

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