Republican Progress: Paul Ryan Would Force Your Daughter To Carry Willie Horton’s Baby

Remember the good old days, when Republicans viewed rapists as just another way to evoke racial anxiety in white voters? Now, Republicans refer to the likes of convicted rapist and murderer Willie Horton in markedly different terms, as just another “method of conception,” or givers of “gifts from God,” and if potential heartbeat-away Vice President Paul Ryan gets his ‘druthers, mandatory “dad” material. On Thursday night’s The Young Turks, host Cenk Uygur premiered an attack ad that shows just how “far” the Republican Party has come since 1988, an ad you won’t likely see anywhere else. That’s because Cenk’s TYT staff put the ad together, and it hits harder than anything you’ll see from the President, or the PACs supporting him.

Cenk begins by running down the now-familiar litany of sick Republican quotes about rape, including Richard Mourdock‘s notion that rape pregnancies are still things that “God intended to happen,” Todd Akin‘s “legitimate rape,” the Akin-Ryan “forcible rape” oeuvre, Rick Santorum‘s advice to “accept God’s gift” of a rape pregnancy, Wisconsin State Rep. Roger Rivard‘s theory of “easy rape,” and lesser-known gems like Ron Paul‘s prescription for “honest rape,” and Senate candidate Linda McMahon‘s “emergency rape” (as opposed to the kind you schedule in advance?), but leaves out the fact that forcible rape-baby delivery is also the Republican Party’s official position.

Cenk then rolls out the kind of ad he would run if he were running the DNC:

That little factoid about custody and visitation is priceless, but it’s also worth noting that if you’re forced to give birth to your rapist’s baby, there’s only about a 3% chance of the guy ever seeing the inside of a jail cell, so it might not even matter where you live.

You won’t see an ad like that because it would be deemed too “alarmist,” but make no mistake about it, this can, and will, happen if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are elected. Ryan is explicit about his desire to make this happen, and if you read not too far between the lines, the only reason Romney isn’t on board is because he doesn’t think he has the votes. They have both promised to appoint judges who will overturn Roe v. Wade, which, as Cenk points out, means there won’t be any exceptions by default.

In 2008, a lot of disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters switched to John McCain, reasoning that Roe v. Wade wasn’t in any real danger, a message that Mitt Romney is trying to convey even as his running mates (Paul Ryan and Other Mitt Romney) say otherwise. You’re damned right, this is alarmist, because this is alarming. In 1988, the only use Republicans had for Willie Horton was as race-baiting bogeyman, but now, a growing number of Republicans see him as just another method of conception.

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