Rush Limbaugh: The Media Is ‘Having Orgasms’ Over Obama Killing Gaddafi

Should we be excited about today’s developments in Libya and as well as recent ones throughout the Middle East? Perhaps not. According to Rush Limbaugh, the good vibes we’re feeling are nothing but a “scripted thing to make a takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood equal to an outbreak of Democracy.” To make matters worse, apparently that script has some sex scenes in it as Limbaugh accused the “drive-by” media of “orgasming” all over the place in their attempts to congratulate Barack Obama.


Limbaugh played clips of various media figures discussing how Muammar Gaddafi’s death might help the President. Over a clip of NBC’s Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell, Limbaugh even helpfully provided heavy breathing sound effects for everyone who either didn’t get his point or hadn’t gotten a chance yet to make their daily call to the “El Rushbo” official phone sex line.

“So there’s ecstasy and there was orgasming going on. Remember, Barack Obama himself, after Saddam Hussein was captured, said that removing Hussein from office was just a distraction. ‘Bush is just trying to distract everybody from a bad economy.’ Remember that? That’s what it was. But now it’s Barry who is doing so poorly domestically, needing any kind of assistance he can get.”

Limbaugh also wondered how Gaddafi’s death would fare with Obama’s old friends, bringing up the link between the deceased Libyan leader, Louis Farrakhan, and Jeremiah Wright.

Listen to Limbaugh’s comments below:

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