Sam Bee Teams Up With ‘Fellow Nasty Woman’ Madeleine Albright to Tackle Workplace Misogyny


Here in the final two weeks of the 2016 presidential election, the depiction of Hillary Clinton in the media is still often tainted with touches of misogyny as Samantha Bee and the Full Frontal team revealed Monday night. As cable news clips rolled one after the other showing how Clinton is often spoken about in subtle and prejudicial ways, the comedian teamed up with another former Secretary of State — Madeleine Albright — to tackle the issue head on.

The remote segment was filed during a recent trip to the UN in New York City, where Bee asked the legendary stateswoman, “So, does playing into her womanness help Hillary, or does reminding people that she’s a woman hurt her chances of winning the election?”

Albright said that men will often see powerful women in direct relation to some figure from their past, “Like the third grade teacher who told Johnny to be nicer. Or Donald,” she joked.

As for the line of subtle and demeaning rhetoric that has emerged from the GOP nominee Donald Trump regarding his female political rival, Albright calls it for what it is. “It kind of gives permission to others to — if not say it — think it,” said Albright.

“Does this pulsing cancer of misogyny go away, or does it just embolden people, like the racists during Obama’s presidency?” Bee asked half-joking, before turning to other female leaders from the global community to discuss their shared experiences. The President of Croatia — Kolinda Graber-Kitarovic — for instance even shared how she is frequently sexualized in her local media.

“You know, when I Google my name and I see all sorts of photos that are not me — especially in bathing suits — it makes you feel like an object,” Graber-Kitarovic said in the segment, which you can watch above via Full Frontal.

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