Sam Bee Drop Kicks ‘Dauphin of Breitbartistan’ Trump and His Election Concession Ambiguity


During the opening segment of Full Frontal on Monday night, host Samantha Bee recapped the third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas, and predictably rebuked the latest lines of attack from Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The comedian joked that while the third debate saw Trump admittedly learn from some of the lessons from his two debate stage showdowns, he still couldn’t quite avoid falling into Hillary Clinton‘s traps. “Oh, Donald. It’s like you spotted Hillary painting a tunnel entrance onto a mountain, called her on it, and then ran at it anyway,” reminiscent of the will-he-ever-learn Wile E. Coyote.

But without a doubt, one of the most enduring moments from last Wednesday night’s debate was Trump’s unwillingness to admit that he would accept the outcome of the election, especially if it doesn’t fall his way. “Concede or don’t concede — we don’t give a fuck,” Bee said to applause from her crowd. “We’ll be busy swearing in the 45th President.”

“In case you haven’t noticed,” Bee continued blasting Trump. “You’re not the President. You’re just the Dauphin of Breitbartistan,” she said, while an image of Trump on a throne surrounded by Nazi Pepe imagery played in the background. But, as she warned, Trump’s refusal to ball play is hardly anything new in conservative politics.

“Looking at the results of a Democratic election and saying ‘Fuck that,’ has been official Republican policy for at least eight years now,” she criticized.

Watch above via Full Frontal.

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