Sen. Ben Sasse Challenges Sean Hannity to ‘Debate the Role of the Media’ in Political Division


The beef between Senator Ben Sasse and Fox News host Sean Hannity escalated tonight after the pro-Trump pundit accused Republican lawmaker of going “BERSERK” against him.

“If you write a book about the outrage merchants that are dividing America and you fail to mention Sean Hannity because he’s in your party, you aren’t being honest,” Sasse tweeted in response to Hannity’s claim. “I invite you to come out from behind the safety of your cable news desk and join me at a neutral forum to debate the role of the media—Left and Right—in dividing us. Honest conversation isn’t where the quick-hit $ and ratings are — but it’d be good for America.”

The fight between the two started after it was revealed that Sasse has dedicated numerous pages in his upcoming book criticizing Hannity’s style of coverage.

“[His shows are] not to promote a particular conservative agenda, or to encourage American patriotism, or even to offer coherent arguments against liberalism,” Sasse wrote while describing Hannity’s shows. “His core cause is to rage.”

When contacted by The Daily Beast about Sasse’s claims, Hannity said, “Unfortunately, I went to bat for Ben Sasse, who has proven to be the single biggest disappointment in politics today. He totally conned me like he conned the people of Nebraska.”

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