Ben Sasse

Chuck Todd Knocks Sasse’s Rationale for Nat’l Emergency Vote: I Can’t Find ‘Pelosi Amendment’ in Constitution

Charlie Sykes Shreds Cruz, Tillis, and Others in GOP For Siding With Trump on Emergency Vote: ‘Spinelessness’ on Display

Chris Wallace Presses Ben Sasse on Climate Change: Isn’t the Rest of the World Moving Faster Than We Are?

Sen. Ben Sasse to Colbert: There Should Be a Congressional Investigation into Ivanka’s Private Emails

Jeff Flake Tamps Down Speculation Over Presidential Run: ‘I Don’t Think That Will Be Me’

Sean Hannity Renews Attack on Ben Sasse: He ‘Conned Me and the People of Nebraska’

Ben Sasse: We Need a President Who Doesn’t Pretend ‘Beating Up a Reporter is Okay’

Hannity Renews Attack on Ben Sasse: Bill Maher Used a Racial Slur In Front of You, and You ‘Said NOTHING’

Hannity Shreds ‘Con Artist’ Ben Sasse on Twitter: ‘If You Had It Your Way Hillary Clinton Would Be POTUS’

Sen. Ben Sasse Challenges Sean Hannity to ‘Debate the Role of the Media’ in Political Division

Ben Sasse Rips Hannity For 20 Pages in New Book, Hannity Fires Back: ‘He Totally Conned Me’

Ben Sasse: Trump Puppet Masters News Media Into a Frenzy ‘Which Isn’t Good for Us’

Ben Sasse Grilled on The View Over Kavanaugh Vote: ‘Did You Not Believe Her Testimony?’

Ben Sasse Criticizes Kavanaugh ‘Media Circus,’ Praises #MeToo Movement on Senate Floor

Ben Sasse Has Had It With White House ‘Drama’: It’s a ‘Reality Show, Soap Opera Presidency’

Sen. Ben Sasse Says He ‘Regularly’ Considers Leaving GOP

Ben Sasse Scolds Congress During Kavanaugh Hearing, Invokes Schoolhouse Rock

GOP. Sen Ben Sasse Bashes Trump’s Attack on Sessions: ‘The U.S. is Not Some Banana Republic’

GOP Sen. Sasse Warns on Sessions: He Shouldn’t Be Fired for Not Acting Like ‘Partisan Hack’

Sen. Ben Sasse Issues Warning Ahead of Trump Summit: ‘Putin is a Murderer’

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