Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls on Trump to Provide Evidence of Voter Fraud

151115095442-senator-lindsey-graham-paris-terror-attacks-tapper-intv-sotu-00005009-large-169It appears there is at least one Republican in Washington who is hitting back at President-elect Donald Trump’s false claim that he would have won the national popular vote if millions of people didn’t illegally vote for Hillary Clinton.

According to The Hill, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told reporters today that Trump should provide evidence to back up his assertion. He also made the case that Trump is speaking for more than himself now that he’s been elected.

“If you’re now president-elect of the United States and you really believe millions of people voted illegally, you should have some proof,” Graham told reporters Tuesday.

“Because your voice is just not an ordinary voice. When you say things … you’re not just Donald Trump.”

Graham also noted that he’s looking to introduce a resolution in the Senate that will declare that this year’s presidential election was fair.

Graham was a critic of Trump’s throughout the GOP primary and carried that over into the general election season. While other Republican presidential candidates eventually endorsed Trump and voted for him, Graham made it known that he cast his ballot for independent candidate Evan McMullin.

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