Seth Rogen Names the One Politician He Wants to Get High With

Following his moving testimony on Alzheimer’s disease, Seth Rogen spoke with ABC News about his activism and some other lighter topics, chief amongst them being the big question of which politician Rogen would most like to get high with. Rogen believes Congress isn’t doing nearly enough to deal with Alzheimer’s, and said the money’s there to do something about it but it’s not considered a priority.

But after all the serious discussion, the conversation got lighter. Rogen took on which House of Cards character he most relates to (“none of them, honestly, they’re all so white”), which side Congress falls on in the Freaks & Geeks spectrum (“geeks”), and whether pot should be legal.

And on the question of who he would love to get high with, Rogen said, “That Harkin guy seemed pretty cool, I’d go with him.

You hear that, Senator Tom Harkin? Get ready to smoke a joint or a bowl or something with Mr. Pineapple Express himself.

Watch the video below, via ABC News:

[photo via screengrab]

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