Snoop Dogg Joins Kelly Clarkson And Michelle Branch, Supports Ron Paul

Snoop Dogg — the undisputed voice of the people — has voiced his support for a GOP candidate. On Sunday, the rapper and actor posted an image of Ron Paul to Facebook, accompanied by the gentle suggestion to “Smoke Weed Everyday.” Snoop captioned the image with a simple “because I said so.”

“He’s always high,” responded one commenter. “That’s why he makes so much sense.”

“Substance,” replied another. “What Ron Paul speaks and Snoop Dog smokes!!! Ron Paul/Snoop Dog in 2012!”

“Yeah,” interjected one naysayer. “Ron paul is going to want everyone to smoke weed as much as Obamma was going to pay all your mortgages. Dipshits.”

“RON PAUL doesn’t WANT you to smoke weed,” someone responded. “He just doesn’t want the GOV’T to tell you what to put into your body.”

This is Rep. Paul’s third quasi-endorsement from a major recording artist, following December praise from both Kelly Clarkson and Michelle Branch.

h/t Gossip Cop

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