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So, Did Donald Trump Actually Undergo a Medical Exam Last Week?

On Thursday afternoon, it finally happened, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump finally appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to reveal the results of a medical exam that was supposed to have taken place “late last week,” according to Kellyanne Conway, although she was not present at the exam, and so relied only on what someone else told her.

The only problem is that the letter Donald Trump produced, from the same Dr. Harold Bornstein who wrote Trump’s last now-infamous doctor’s note, doesn’t actually indicate that Trump was examined last week, or even that his lab results are from last week. During his interview with Dr. Oz, taped Wednesday but aired Thursday, Trump revealed that he went to Dr. Bornstein “on Friday and I had a test, and I literally just got the results.”

After a commercial break, Dr. Oz “coaxed” Trump to reveal the letter, which led to the spectacle of Dr. Oz revealing Trump’s results, including this somewhat creepy aside:

Your testosterone is 441, which is actually (hesitates, nods) it’s good. (audience laughs, applauds)

Trump’s “alt-right” fans have an odd fixation with testosterone levels, which is why it’s ironic that while Trump’s level is within the “healthy” range, it is below the average level of 679, and even below the norm for his age, which is 524.

What the report doesn’t say is when those lab results were taken, even though it gives dates for other tests referenced, and it doesn’t say that Dr. Bornstein examined Trump. Nothing in Bornstein’s report indicates that Trump submitted to a medical examination on Friday, and no one covering Trump’s campaign indicated that he went anywhere near a doctor’s office that day.

In fact, Trump himself didn’t even say he was examined by Dr. Bornstein, only his campaign manager did. Trump merely said he saw Bornstein and “had a test.”

Now, personally, I think this concern-trolling over candidates’ health is ridiculous, but all of this is in stark contrast with the medical documentation that Hillary Clinton has just provided, and which contains great detail about the dates and results of each physical examination. I don’t care what happens between Donald Trump and his doctor, but if he’s going to take shots at his opponent’s health, and make claims that he has been examined, then he ought to be made to at the very least verify the meager claim he’s making.

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