Harold Bornstein

‘He Sounds Like a Cartoon Doctor!’: CNN Panel Cracks Up at Remarks from Trump Doctor

Trump’s Doctor Seems Unconcerned About Him Dying in Office: ‘They Can Just Keep Dying’

So, Did Donald Trump Actually Undergo a Medical Exam Last Week?

Biden Critiques Trump’s Claims of Good Health: ‘I Don’t Think He Could Keep Up’ With Me Jogging

Wife of Trump Doctor Abruptly Shuts Down CNN Interview: ‘I’m Gonna Call the Police’

Someone Finally Purchased Dr. Harold Bornstein’s Personal Website With Hilarious Results

Donald Trump’s Doctor Gave an Amazing, Insane Interview to NBC News

Media Horrified By Clinton Health Accusations, Treat Trump Health Accusations as Fair Game

Sanjay Gupta Calls Bullsh*t on Trump’s ‘Questionable’ Doctor and Hyperbolic Letter of Health

Meet Harold Bornstein, Personal Physician to Donald Trump

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