Some States Reporting Unbelievably Low Health Care Enrollment Numbers (One State’s at Zero!)

The Obamacare rollout has left much to be desired; so much so, in fact, that a few states have reportedly enrolled absolutely no one so far. And there are still other states where enrollment is not quite non-existent, but is still unbelievably low.

Oregon is the most striking example so far. Cover Oregon, the state’s health insurance exchange, has admitted precisely zero people have enrolled due to their “problem-plagued site.” The site was originally going to let consumers sign up directly, but it was then changed to only allow insurance agents and application assisters enroll, which hasn’t happened yet, and officials at Cover Oregon are hoping the site will be up and running properly by Halloween.

Meanwhile, health care navigators in Kansas admitted they have been unable to enroll a single person since Obamacare went live, according to Kansas Watchdog, though there have been some confirmed enrollments through other avenues. The number of those has not, however, been released.

In Michigan it’s “still unclear” how many have signed up, with absolutely zero confirmation that anyone has been able to do so. Only seven people in Alaska have signed up, and the Obama administration proudly touted all the Delaware citizens who signed up by inviting all one of them to the White House.


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