Speculation Jared Kushner May Be the White House Person of Interest in Russia Probe Gains Steam


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Following the Washington Post report that a White House official is being looked at as a “significant person of interest” in the investigation into Russian election interference, NBC legal analyst Ari Melber Tweeted the following:

Tweets like that from journalists and politicos, suggesting that Jared Kushner is the person of interest, were numerous on Friday:

Still, no major American news organization has reported that Kushner is the person described in the Washington Post story. Following his speculative Tweet, Melber participated in a segment on For The Record, in which he did not repeat any of what he Tweeted about Kushner. And during the same segment, NBC’s Ken Dilanian specifically stated that NBC News was unable to confirm the identity of the person.

Later in the show, guest Malcolm Nance, a retired US intelligence officer, said “it sounds like Jared Kushner.” Host Chris Jansing quickly interrupted and said Nance’s statement hasn’t been confirmed.

But it appears such speculation about Kushner will only grow until it is confirmed or debunked.

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