T.V. Anchor Slams 9/11 ‘American Wailers’


Video has emerged courtesy of the Middle East Media Research Institute showing an anchor on Egyptian television blasting Americans on the eve of the 16th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

In his remarks, Muhammad Gamal Hilal, mocked “American Wailers” who would likely use the anniversary to further the war on terrorism, which he said was in fact a war on Islam. He also chided the west for not viewing Muslim lives as equal and lamented the deaths of Muslims abroad — specifically in Burma.

The footage was first translated by MEMRI and was brought to wider public attention by Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network.

“In a few days, we will be marking the anniversary of 9/11. As you know, you will be hearing the American wailers and the media going on about the ‘war on terror,’ the ’21st century,” and ‘such and such years after this and that,’ and ’16 years after…’ They will be talking about terrorism and the war against it, and what happened in the world, and what the U.S. has done in order to eliminate terror,” he said. “The world is moving at a fast pace, with one event following another in the war against the so-called “terrorism,” by which they mean “Islam,” because they consider Islam to be tantamount to terrorism. This is what they want, and this is what they strive for.”

…And it pretty much goes off the rails from there.

The United States has provided Egypt with $1.3 billion in aid in 2016 and $77.4 billion  in total between 1948 and 2016, according to the Congressional Research Service.

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