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Trump Opts to Skip Reading Daily Intelligence Report, Relies on Oral Briefings Instead

Fox’s Kilmeade Fires Back at The View for ‘Skewing’ His 9/11 Memorial Remarks

Whoopi Goldberg Trashes Kilmeade for 9/11 Memorial-Confederate Statues Remark: ‘Read a Book’

T.V. Anchor Slams 9/11 ‘American Wailers’

Lawrence O’Donnell Tears Into Trump For Trying to ‘Steal the Grief of 9/11 Families’

Trump: Advisers ‘Didn’t Want Me to Use the Word’ Murdered During Pentagon 9/11 Ceremony

Trump’s First 9/11 as President Gives Us Another Opportunity to Remember How Awful He Is

Seb Gorka Tweets 9/11 Memorial Image … Accidentally Gives Us Bizarre Selfie

They Forgot?! NY Post Print Edition Barely Mentions 9/11…on 9/11

Never Forget — When Donald Trump Extended Best Wishes on 9/11 to ‘Even the Haters and Losers’

2017 Feels Like the Year that 9/11 Officially Passed into ‘History’

‘Truther’ Charlie Sheen’s 9/11 Movie Set for Fall Release

Megyn Kelly Grills Alex Jones for Pushing Sandy Hook Truther Conspiracy: ‘That’s a Dodge’

Did Jeffrey Lord Really Just Blame 9/11 on Rudy Giuliani to Defend Trump Tweets? Yes, It Appears So

It ‘All Ends With This Movie’: Michael Moore Announces New Trump Doc Fahrenheit 11/9

‘What the Hell?’: Whoopi Goldberg Slams Trump Comparing Ratings to 9/11

Iowa State U. Professor Asks For Essay on 9/11 From Terrorists’ Point of View

Families Affected by 9/11 Protest Trump’s Travel Ban: ‘Not in Our Name’

Harry Reid: We Need ‘9/11-Type Commission’ for Russian Hacking

Daily Beast Journalist Shuts Down Katrina Pierson With One Tweet

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