Tapper on Sunday Show Diversity: ‘Can’t Help It if Democratic Field is White’


Newly-appointed State of the Union host Jake Tapper waded this afternoon into the debate over the lack of gender and racial diversity amongst Sunday political show guests, which many maintain constricts the range of the shows’ viewpoints. This is slightly awkward territory for Tapper, who replaced the only female Sunday show host in Candy Crowley, leaving all five Sunday show hosts male*.

It started when ThinkProgress editor Judd Legum criticized the male paleness of this morning’s guests:

A punchy Tapper quickly responded, to which Legum pointed out that gender and racial disparities are a recurring issue on all the Sunday shows:

And then the doozy:

If you’ve ever been on Twitter before, you know what happened next: others joined, semi-irrelevant points were introduced, etc. Media Matters’ Oliver Willis argued that gender representation on the shows went far beyond an individual’s campaign, no matter how prominent, while Legum accused Tapper of blaming women for not getting themselves onto the shows. Meanwhile, conservative Twitter declared Tapper the victor.

Tapper did concede the importance of actively soliciting diversity on the shows…

…by which not all were impressed:

Not for nothing:

* Martha Raddatz co-hosts This Week, if we’re being precise.

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