Terrifying Dog Robots Can Now Escape Through Doors and We Are All Doomed


While we are all fighting about President Donald Trump and whether or not he is “mentally capable” to “run the country,” the robots are coming to make all of our arguments entirely moot.

Boston Dynamics, who you may remember from creating this mammoth beast of a robot that can do literal backflips, is back with another dose of cybernetic nightmare fuel.

Introducing the SpotMini robodog. What it lacks in the cuteness and cuddliness of an actual dog, it more than makes up for by having a gigantic claw hoisted on top of its titanium chassis.  This claw is perfect for opening doors, so as to escape from captivity and begin a murdering spree as an attempt to protect the Earth, which also means destroying humanity. You know the drill. We’ve all seen Terminator. 

Still, though, it is fascinating how adeptly this robot captures the gait of an actual four-legged animal and, one supposes, the giant claw could be useful around the house, for washing dishes or murdering the mailman.

As usual, folks on Twitter are nervously fidgeting over this latest advancement in robotics.

In the meantime, let’s all brainstorm ways to distract robotic dogs. Would a steak work? Probably not. Maybe a stick. Yeah, definitely a stick.

Watch above, via Boston Dynamics.

[image via screenshot]

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